Thursday, October 19, 2006

In the arms of Jesus!!

I wanted to update everyone on my dad. I found out yesterday that my daddy went home to be with Jesus yesterday afternoon. I rejoice...because I know that my dad is in the arms of Jesus and has perfect peace and no more pain and suffering. All of the goals my dad set for himself were met before he passed away. One of his desires was to see us in Costa Rica. He was able to do that. Even in the end, when things were the toughest for him, he was still encouraging me to continue on with what God wants us to do. I learned many things from my dad. One of which was no matter the circumstance that my dad was under...I never heard him complain. He always kept a good attitude with everything going on around him and accepted what hit him with grace and dignity. The last converstation I had with him was Monday evening when I called and told him how much I love him. I said, "Hi Daddy!! How are you doing?" Just like I always did...and he said with a weak, but somewhat cheerful voice, "Oh I am good!" Even in the end he would proclaim that he was doing good. Many times it was for the benefit of us around him that love him so much...he did not want us to know how bad he felt or how much he might be hurting. I am sad that he is gone...but yet I rejoice in the fact that I know he is with another wonderful Father..One that will never leave him nor forsake him...One that has given him the ultimate healing that he desperately needed...and One that will continue to give me the peace that I need. I thank God for the wonderful daddy I had...he will always be in my heart!!! I love you Daddy!!!


Tonda Turner said...

I know it is hard to lose your dad. But actually he is not lost. He is found. He has found the real joy and peace and healing that we all long for. It was hard when my parents died. My mom died 3 days before Christmas in 1999 and my dad 18 days later. So, I can tell you that you will make it. You will miss him and God will get you through all of these emotions. God gave me such peace and grace to bear my parents loss. I know He will do the same for you. For me , just knowing that my mom wasn't suffering anymore was enough to pick me up when I started to get down. And then to think that she went home to be with Jesus so close to Christmas. Christmas was her very favorite time of the year and I guess she just wanted to go see Jesus and wish Him a happy birthday in person. =)
I will pray that God grant you and your entire family the same peace and confidence that He bestowed on me. Our God is a gooood God!!! Amen.
I love you , you are in my prayers.
Love, Tonda

Alan and/or Maranda said...

I have not lost a parent, so I cannot imagine exactly how you're feeling right now. But I know it must be a mix of emotions between him passing but being with Jesus now. We are praying for you, and we want you to know that even though you are in Costa Rica, Spirit of Life is still family and is still going to help you get through this.

We love you, Pastor Davey, and the children so much. Like Tonda said, you will make it! How awesome to know that your father supported you and the mission in Costa Rica so fully! What motivation now to complete the work you have begun even more...

Please let us know if you need ANYTHING!


jonie alcorn said...

Hi Crystal its me Jonie, i am so sorry, but yet glad in the sense that you know for a fact he is with the Lord. I know i have lost 5 over the past 4 years, and its hard not to know whether there with the Lord or not, except for my G-mother, i know she is. Everyone should go the way she did, with all her affairs in order and in the Word everyday. I will pray for you and your family, i know you love your Daddy and he loves you. He is in the ultimate place though.

Be strong girl, your right smack dab in the middle of God's Will....

Jonie and steve alcorn

Lyn Thomas said...


I am so proud of you.
I remember a young lady just out of high school - so determined to follow Jesus and do what was right. Then I remember her getting married and giving herself to God's work at a very small christian school with very little salary for her and her husband - yet she never complained. I was honored to get to know her as a worshipper and fellow dancer. Oh what a worshipper she was - one who worshipped the way God wanted - in spirit and in truth. I saw here mature, move :( , move again, bear children, mature some more, and become a missionary (with lots more moving in between there - including being homeless for a while). Then I heard that her Daddy had died after a long fight with cancer.
Crystal as I read what you said about your Daddy, never complaining, always having a good attitude, encouraging you to go on with God's plan no matter what he was going through, it was like reading about you. You truly have these same Godly characteristics that you saw in your Daddy. So in a way he is still here because he passed these onto you.
Rejoice in the Godly heritage he left you. Rejoice that he is in your Father's perfect care (he wouldn't come back even if he could). Rejoice that you too will join him someday to live eternally as Jesus' bride smothered in joy, peace, delight, and happiness that we can't even imagine (but it's fun to try).
When the pain from sorrow comes, and it will and that's o.k.-it's the way God made us - remember all the wonderful reasons God gave you to rejoice, and I think it will help you carry the sorrow with the same grace that has helped you show Godly character in the past in all things. I love you Crystal and Dave - you and your family are precious to me and your fervency for God burst my heart with joy.
Please let me know if I can do anything to help you. I will be praying because I know it's wonderful value.
Pastor Lyn

Jana Greer said...


I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I didn't know until now. I know that you are rejoicing in the fact that he is with the Lord even thru your grief.

John and I love you!