Friday, December 29, 2006

Luke 10:1-2

"The harvest is plentiful...

...but the workers are FEW."

One day as Dave was out and about on the motorcycle, he came across this scene. A vast field lay before him of sugar cane ready to be cut and harvested. As he gazed across the field he noticed about 5 local workers out at the front of the field working diligently to cut the sugar cane. Immediately Luke 10:2 came to him and he was reminded how great the harvest is, and truly how few the workers are. As I looked at the pictures, first of all of the huge harvest of the sugar cane, and then studied the picture of the workers in the field; I began to think of how sometimes we can look at the harvest of lost souls all around us and think,"But can we possibly bring in this harvest that you have before us? There are so many!" I am sure as these few workers were standing before this large field on the first day of harvesting, they asked the same question,"How can I do this?" How do we bring in the harvest? The same way these workers are cutting the sugar cane....ONE AT A TIME. I know that these workers will not rush into this field and start chopping away, their only goal to just bring it in. No...these workers have to take precaution on how they cut. Cut too high...and you lose some of your harvest. They do not want to damage the harvest they are working so hard to bring in. It is nearly impossible...with a simple machete in tackle more than one stalk at a time. I am sure they would love to cut down about 10 at a time...but that is not possible with the lack of macninery. One at a time.....
Yes...this is what the Lord is reminding us of as we get geared up and focused on what our goals are for 2007! ONE AT A TIME LORD!! Just bring us one soul that needs you...and that is hungry for you...and let that one soul go out and find one more that needs you. You have all heard the saying...each one reach one! This not only applies to where we are here in Costa Rica. This is for those of you at the grocery store. Sometimes we can get lost in looking at the vast harvest before us...and instead of looking at reaching one at a time...we see how big it is and do not reach any. Believe me...I have been there. So we ask that you continue to keep us in prayer as we reach the harvest of Costa Rica...ONE AT A TIME! We pray that your 2007 is blessed and that everything you put your hands to will prosper. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Feliz Navidad!!

Merry Christmas everyone !! We just wanted to take the oppurtunity to say that we love you and appreciate you all so much. We pray that your Christmas is blessed with all the wonders of this season. Thank you all for your love, prayers and support throughout this year.
I thought you might enjoy seeing our "white" Christmas. We took the kids to the beach today...the first time any of us have ever been swimming for Christmas Eve! We had such a good time. I have to tell you....Hannah has progressed so much from the time that we arrived in Costa Rica. She has gone from not wanting to step a foot in the boogieboarding!! The kids also enjoyed making sand angels too! Hope your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are special for you! We love you all and miss you.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bible Studies Begin

Matthew 28 tells us to GO and MAKE DISCIPLES. Two months ago the first part of that verse was accomplished; now we are beginning the second phase! Three weeks ago we started having Bible studies in our home on Sunday evenings every week. We have ranged from having noone come to having 5 adults and 3 children here! We are thankful for each one that God has placed in our midst. As we continue to show forth the love that God has for His people here, we trust that the Lord will continue to bring the people. The families that God has brought to us are hungry for the things of God and desire to learn more. We ask you to continue to keep us in prayer as well as the ones we have begun ministering to. We know it is only by God's grace and His wisdom that we will be able to accomplish the task He has before us. We look for oppurtinities daily to reach the people in our community. We do not want to pass up an encounter that He has set before us;for this reason, we covet your prayers! Thank you so much for your prayers and your support for this ministry. We ask God to continue to pour out the blessings He has for you and your family!