Monday, January 08, 2007

3 months already??

It is hard to believe it has nearly been three months since we have arrived in Costa Rica. For us that means it is time to renew our visas. Until we obtain residency, which is not an easy task here, we have to leave the country every 90 days and stay out of country for at least 3 days at a time. When we arrive back in country, we will have new visas allowing us to stay another 3 months. Fortunately for us, this means we get to visit wonderful friends in Nicaragua! We will head out tomorrow a.m. by taxi to Liberia (the capital of our province), which is a little over an hour away(by taxi that is....2 hours by moto....who knows by bus! LOL). Once in Liberia we will catch the TicaBus that will take us to Managua, Nicaragua, the capital of Nicaragua. It is about an 8 hour bus ride, depending on how long it takes us to cross the border into Nicaragua.

We will spend the first half of our trip in a town outside of Managua visiting a son Pastor Serafin has in the faith. Dave will be preaching at this church in La Paz Centro. We will spend 4 nights there and then take the buses we need to get to Jinotega, another day trip by bus! Once in Jinotega, we will be able to visit with friends for 4 more nights. We will be returning to Costa Rica on the 17th of January.

We ask that you keep us in prayer as we travel; for safety & protection traveling, ease in crossing the borders going and coming, for my husband as he shares in Nicaragua, and for protection over our home while we are away. We will update you on our trip when we return. Thank you for your prayers!

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