Sunday, February 04, 2007

We have an address!

We finally have a mailing address! We have been able to set up a post office box in Santa Cruz since we do our grocery shopping there every week. It has to be addressed just as it is listed. Our address is:

Charles Davis Anderson
Apartado 183 - 5150
Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Helen said...

Hello Crystal...thanks so much for the home address. Now I can send you letters, cards and etc.
Just to let you know we have cold weather here. Brrrrr!!! We had some snow last Thursday. Not a lot but enough to close the schools. It sure is cold and when you don't have much hair(lol)it makes you feel so much colder. But hey it is coming back..ever so looks real dark with some gray. Well as it should be I'll be 60 thisyear!!! I can't beleive it! But I don't feel almost 60 either.
I hope you enjoy the nice warm weather there.
Oh by the way if you don't know Cindy and Robert are having a GIRL!!! I'm so excited for them.
Give our love to the family.
We miss and love you guys a lot.
You are always in our prayers.
Love to all