Sunday, March 18, 2007

Children's Classes started

Last Sunday morning and today we had a children's class in our home! We had two children that live close by come. It was a wonderful time of watching these kids "have so much fun" as one of the children said! We have been teaching them on the love of God and how special they are to Him. It is such a joy to see these kids so excited about wanting to come to Bible class! We began teaching them a Bible verse last week on the love of God and this week they already had it memorized! One of the songs we did in class was "Jesus Loves Me". Now in the States you could probably say that MOST of the children have at least heard the song somewhere, if not have it memorized themselves. Last week we introduced the song to the children and they had NEVER heard it before!! Such a precious song that so many of us take for granted because we have heard it all our lives. Teaching it to children that have never heard it before brought a whole new meaning to the song and the importance of it. Our hearts were singing as class ended with a fun game with the kids, and the little girl that was here (this is the girl that Rachel prayed with several weeks ago) was singing the song over and over throughout that day! Everytime she came over to play with our could hear her singing "Cristo me ama"! Jesus loves me!! It was so precious to see the joy on this girl's face as she was singing the words! We plan to continue Bible classes for the children every Sunday morning and we have encouraged the kids to invite their friends to come each week.

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Helen said...

Hi Crystal...It is so nice to hear that you and Pastor Davy have started the children's bible class. I'm sure they will learn a lot from the two of you. The love you have for the Lord will shine. As they come to class and see how much you love the Lord and tell them how much He loves them, they too will began to understand. I know that God is smiling down on the both of you as you teach the children about His love for them. I am so happy for the both of you and your family. I will pray for more children to come to class and learn of God's love for them.
We love you and miss you all very much!
Love ya,