Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our Thanksgiving miracle!

We have so many wonderful things that the Lord has done lately that we want to share with you. God has truly blessed us during this wonderful season of thankfulness!! I want to start off by telling you about a Thanksgiving miracle that happened to us this week! With this being our second Thanksgiving away from the States, we were really beginning to crave a somewhat traditional Thanksgiving meal this year. Seeing as how Thanksgiving is NOT a national holiday here in Costa Rica, turkeys are not exactly easy to come by. The going rate for a turkey here is about $50 for a decent sized one. That is a little bit steep for we were planning on just celebrating with a nice chicken and then adding some fixings to go with it. But God had other plans for us! On Monday afternoon we had a very nice surprise!! A turkey was delivered to our home, bought and paid for as a gift for us!! We were so overwhelmed at this gesture and we just knew that God was telling us that He truly is in control! It amazes us to think that something like having a turkey for Thanksgiving is important to our God because it was simply a desire that we had! Our God is so awesome!! We want to say a very special thank you to Dan and Hilda Carter for their wonderful gift of having a turkey sent to us. We pray that God blesses you abundantly for hearing Him and meeting this desire of ours. Thank you so much!!

Here are a few Thanksgiving pics. One of course of our miracle turkey and everyone of us Southerners know that Thanksgiving would not be complete without a wonderful dressing! You can see the girls here having a good time mixing it up the right way!!

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john said...

That is an amazing newsletter- All of us at SOLC are so proud of you guys. Love You, hope to see you soon? John P.