Saturday, December 01, 2007

Church in Artolita

Last Sunday, November 25, was our second service in Artolita. One thing we did not share in our last post was the way we have to get to this town! There is a creek that separates the town of Artolita from its sister town of Artola. The only way to get to Artolita is to cross this creek in your vehicle, during the dry season that is! In the rainy season, the vehicles have to be parked near the creek, and then you can walk across on a foot bridge. As of yet, there has only been "talk" of putting in a bridge that will allow vehicles to cross all year long! Since we are in the dry season right now, the creek is not too high, and we are able to cross. The kids love the "adventure" of having to cross the creek each week!

Dave began a series of teachings on the importance of unity. We had about 15 people there, and this was also the service where we told the church we will be coming each Sunday to work with them and minister to them. The church was very open to having us return each week! At the end of the service, three of the youth in the church presented a dance that they choreographed. It was such a blessing to see these youth so ready and willing to praise and worship in the dance!

We have made plans to be able to spend each Sunday after service in Artolita to be able to establish relationships with the people, and get to know others that are not a part of the church as well. Last Sunday was a great day walking around and meeting a few of the families there. One of the ladies we met was named Maria. We had the opportunity to pray for her concerning paralysis she has been experiencing in her face. We are believing that God will show Himself strong and bring healing to her body! After we walked around a bit, and the children were able to enjoy the creek some, we went to the home of one of the ladies in the church named Florita. It was a great time of just getting to know each other. We were invited to stay for dinner with her, before heading back home. It was a great time, and we look forward to what God will do each week as we return!! We ask you to please keep us in your prayers as we make this transition, that it will not only be smooth for us, but for the congregation as well! May God bless the little town of Artolita!


Christy Broxton said...

Girl ~
I just love the fact that you are updating this so often. Thanks for keeping us posted with new and juicy tidbits from the mission field. :o)

Love ya!

C.C. said...

My heart just leaps with joy when I read this!