Sunday, February 03, 2008

New Year.....New Beginnings!

We have moved into the new year and have many new beginnings already in the works! Pastor Marcos came for a visit in January and met with the church body of Artolita and let everyone know that the church has been given over to our care! As with many changes that take place, some were happy about the transition and of course, some were not. We know that God is in control of everything and that He is the one that builds the house. We have now gone to having two services a week, a Sunday service and a Thursday night service as well. We have had some new people coming to the church that we were told used to come years ago. We are so excited to see God moving in this direction and we are truly looking forward to what He will do in the coming months! We are stepping into new beginnings as we move more into 2008! Praise God!!

We are in the process of moving to a house that is much closer to the church. Since November, when we began going every Sunday, we have been traveling an hour and a half ONE WAY to get to the church! Praise God, we have been able to find a home that is only 15 minutes from the church! It is a smaller house than what we are in now, but we are thankful that this will enable us to be much closer to the people that God has called us to! We want to be more available to them for any need that should arise. We will be in the process of looking for a bit larger home, as this one is a 2 bedroom one bath house. We know that it is just temporary and that it opens the door for us to be able to look for something more suitable for our family. This move will also place us much closer to grocery stores too! We have been driving a little over an hour to be able to go shopping and go to the market. Now we have at least 3 major grocery stores within 15 minutes of us and a very large market will only be about 30 minutes away in the city of Liberia! We are looking forward to that as well! We will be moving on the 4th of February and for at least the month of Feb. we will not have any internet in our home. We are planning to be able to have it connected again by March.

Since we are moving to a new town, we have canceled our post office box that we had in Santa Cruz. We will be opening a new box sometime in March. We are asking that if you had plans to send any mail to please hold onto it until we notify you of a new address!

There is one other great annoucement we are very excited about! Like I said....a new year full of new beginnings! We found out at Christmas time that we are going to have another baby! This will be baby number five for us and we are all very excited about this new addition! Jeremiah, Rachel, Levi and Hannah all have plans on how they would like to help out with the new baby! Our baby is due in August of this year!

With all the transitioning taking place in this new year, we ask you to please keep us in your prayers. Your prayers are such a wonderful support to us and we appreciate them so much! We ask that you keep the church covered as we continue to transition there, that God will continue to give us wisdom along with His direction!

Thank you all so much for your love and prayers for us! You are greatly appreciated!! May God continue to bless you always!!

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