Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 2011

 We pray everyone has had a great February!! We would like to share with you some videos that were taken the day of our evangelistic outreach at the end of January. Not as many visitors as we wanted came...but we know that those that were there heard an amazing word shared by our deacon Ruperto. The Lord gave him a wonderful word from 2 Samuel 9 where Mephibosheth was invited to eat at the king's table. It was such a blessing to hear the Word delivered by a fellow servant of the Lord!

The young girls in church, ages 7-12, along with Jeremiah, gave a great dance presentation of the song En Los Montes, En Los Valles (In the Mountains, In the Valleys).  The song says...
In the mountains, in the valleys
We exalt who is worthy of praise
In the coasts of the seas
We raise a sound of hope
We proclaim, We proclaim
We make known the voice of praise
With hands up high
We exalt the One who reigns forever.

We rise to worship in Mount Zion
This is the joy of every nation
Where sadness is joy, weeping for happiness
We rise to worship the great King.

Our family presented our version of the skit The Sin Chair. Jeremiah and Rachel did an awesome job with their acting abilities!!

The last presentation was a song that God had on my heart for a few weeks before the outreach. The song is "Surrender" from the Hungry CD. In Spanish the song is called "Yo Rindo Todo a Ti". It is time, as we reach out to the harvest, that WE surrender all we have to Him and allow us to minister to those that NEED to surrender to the Lord.

We know that the Word of God went forth in many different forms. We now wait upon the Holy Spirit, as He hovers over the community, to do His work! Unless the LORD builds the house...we labor in VAIN! He is the builder! We are now in the process of making plans for another outreach service that will be by invitation only for our Easter service. We ask that you be in prayer with us as we make our plans and ask the Lord to direct our steps!


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