Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bible Studies Begin

Matthew 28 tells us to GO and MAKE DISCIPLES. Two months ago the first part of that verse was accomplished; now we are beginning the second phase! Three weeks ago we started having Bible studies in our home on Sunday evenings every week. We have ranged from having noone come to having 5 adults and 3 children here! We are thankful for each one that God has placed in our midst. As we continue to show forth the love that God has for His people here, we trust that the Lord will continue to bring the people. The families that God has brought to us are hungry for the things of God and desire to learn more. We ask you to continue to keep us in prayer as well as the ones we have begun ministering to. We know it is only by God's grace and His wisdom that we will be able to accomplish the task He has before us. We look for oppurtinities daily to reach the people in our community. We do not want to pass up an encounter that He has set before us;for this reason, we covet your prayers! Thank you so much for your prayers and your support for this ministry. We ask God to continue to pour out the blessings He has for you and your family!

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